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I signed up for Star Trek Big Bang.

I'm not 100% sure if I'll go through with it, but I signed up in case I decide I want to post the final installment of the Academy series as a Big Bang, like the other parts of the series. But... still... shit.


Apr. 5th, 2011 10:17 am
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So I can post a really short note, but I can't most a moderate-length fic?  What the hell is going on here? 

I have tried multiple times to post approximately 5,000 words of fic in HTML format.  I keep getting an error.  But I can post THIS. 

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CNN is featuring this article:

Are Whites Racially Oppressed?

First, please note that CNN is not actually saying that whites are/aren't oppressed.  They're saying that growing numbers of white people are viewing themselves as oppressed. 

And yeah, I've noticed that "help, help! I'm being oppressed" bullshit from a growing number of white people... PARTICULARLY the affluent, white, straight, Christian males.  (Oh dear, SO oppressed, aren't they?)  It's really disturbing to see that just because certain people aren't quite as far ahead as they used to be just on the basis of their race, they are deluded enough to think that their slightly reduced privilege is actually oppression. 

The article is a mish-mash of opinions and bleating from various people.  I'd laugh at this as a piece of satire, except I know these people are actually serious.
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The headline:
"Skinny Woman bumped off flight so overweight person could have two seats."

Yes, there were circumstances involved.  The overweight person was 14 years old and traveling alone, and had NOT purchased two seats.  However, the "skinny" person had paid full price.  Nobody was asked to voluntarily give up their seat - the skinny passenger was forcibly bumped.

What would you do?  What would Chthulu do?

Discuss.  No swearing.  Please qualify generalizations.  Rational debate preferred.  Virtual pie offered for functional suggestions.

*gets popcorn*
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I have NO tolerance for this sort of bullshit:

"Parents need to start beating their children again"


"I'm sorry, but unruly, rude and undisciplined kids like that deserve to get the crap kicked out of them- be it by their parents or another kid that they mouth off to the wrong way"

If you say shit like that on my livejournal, especially after I've told you to stop talking about child-beating, the "go fuck yourself" will be the kindest thing I'll ever say to you again.  GOT IT?  There's a vast difference between spanking a kid and beating a kid.  I'm not much a fan of the spanking philosophy, but I understand that some children are more problematic than others.  A swat across the backside is sometimes the only way to get a kid's attention.  But there is NO excuse for BEATING children.  NONE.  That's child abuse.  That's VIOLENCE.  I don't want to hear that language, I don't want to hear people espousing the notion of beating children, and I especially don't want to see people supporting that behavior on my journal.

If you think beating children is a good thing... don't talk about it in front of me.  If you do, the de-friending will be swift and merciless.  And then I will quote you like this so that you and the world can see how heinous your attitudes really are.

I write about horrendous things in some of my stories.  They're FICTION.  And I never, NEVER glorify violence as a positive attribute... especially violence against the weak or the helpless.  I condemn it.  I've known victims of domestic abuse.  I've had friends who were beaten as children.  Not spanked - BEATEN.  There's no excuse for that shit.

Violence begets violence.  I've seen enough of it to know.  I don't 'want to see it on my LJ.
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And death by PLAGUE has been brought to us by... A SQUIRREL.   Why am I so amused by this? 

Squirrely wrath... SQUIRRELY WRATH!!!

And if that wasn't enough, please let Foamy entertain you... with song:

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[livejournal.com profile] coldfireserge pwns the internet.

We were talking about Alice in Wonderland (no, I haven't seen the new movie yet), and my wife said, "I wonder if there's Alice in Wonderland porn?"

And [livejournal.com profile] coldfireserge promptly walks to his computer and pulls up (saved directly on his hard drive) an Alice in Wonderland PORNO from 1976.  And it's a MUSICAL.  I kid you not.  He's got this shit saved on his computer.  I sporfled.  I sporfled SO HARD.  The number of weird and twisted kinks, the inappropriate musical numbers...

We need to watch this at another party because everyone needs to see this with a large group and large quantities of alcohol.  Seriously, this is some fucked up shit.  And VERY 70s.  VERY 1970s.

Oh dear.

So wrong.  SO WRONG.


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