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I went to Microcenter to go prowling for a laptop.   It was random luck that my friend [livejournal.com profile] popefelix happened to be in the store and I saw him as I walked in.  I'd been hoping to get his thoughts and opinions before purchasing a new computer, because - to be blunt - I know shit-all about computers.  I can USE them.  That's about it.  I have no real idea what I'm looking at, nor how to tell if something is a good price for the money.  I have a VAGUE idea, but anyway, it's good to have someone you trust who knows this stuff.  I'm better at buying cars. 

However, I knew I was really happy with my old Acer, and when I saw the new model, it definitely caught my eye.  The observation from my expert friend was that it was a great deal for the price, and the price was within my range... and so now, I have a new laptop.  I also got myself an external hard drive.  

I need to get more comfortable with this keyboard.  It has a slightly different feel, but I think I like it.  And the scroll-bar on the sensor pad is this sleek, slick thing where you just swipe your finger down the side of it and it scrolls.  I know, most of you are probably rolling your eyes, saying, "Duh, that's old news," but my old laptop, Bob, had a button instead.  

Anyway, the guy who helped me purchase the laptop at Microcenter is named Gus.  So I think I'm going to name my new laptop Gus.  It seems to fit.  I had Bob, and now I've got Gus.  Seems logical.

And now... to start turning this into my own computer!  Let's start by reading some porn.  :D
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So, I got home last night from watching Megaman with [livejournal.com profile] coldfireserge and my wife, and booted up my laptop.  I'd taken some pictures of myself wearing (and please don't laugh) but several outfits meant to evoke the stylings of Chris Pine.  The lovely folks over at the [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones  community decided to have a "Dress like Chris Pine" contest, which I found too funny to resist.  So I assembled four outfits (because overkill is fun), took some pics, and had them ready to submit... and suddenly, my computer screen decided that vertical stripes were slimming. 

Oh yeah.

After a minute of nothing but vertical stripes, I turned off the computer, and was treated to the black screen of death.  That's right, we went right past the blue screen stage, and this bitch was DEAD. 

With the help of the kind and generous [livejournal.com profile] coldfireserge , we re-snapped the pictures, uploaded them , and submitted them to the website *just* in time, and then... I got about the business of what to do with the dead laptop.

I called up [livejournal.com profile] popefelix , who is known aboard the USS Macchiato as the ship's cyber-psychotherapist (he talks to the computers and makes them happy), but at the end of the night, the declaration was not much more hopeful than a resounding, "It's dead, Jim."  We can get the thing to turn on at this point, but nothing is responsive.  No mouse, no keyboard... even plugging in a separate mouse or keyboard has no effect.

So, it's time for me to face the harsh truth.  Bob isn't quite dead, but he's in a coma, and he's not waking up.  I adopted him back in 2006, so that's pretty good for a laptop, considering how much I've abused the poor thing.  I've dragged it everywhere with me, on planes, in cars, in luggage, to coffee shops, on Army assignments... using it for the valuable endeavors of self improvement and the fine art of motorcycle maintenance writing fanfic.  Time for me to look at my finances (medical bills have been a bitch this year) and buy a new laptop.

Until then... no more fanfic.  *whimpers*  I had so much reading and writing to do!  I'll be online at work, but more work and less play.  Alas... maybe I'll get out of the house and do some stuff.
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PRIMARY:  Less than one week go to now.  YAY!  I have purchased feminine protection for the LAST TIME EVAR (unless I pick some up for Trophy Wife).  Do you know how liberating that feels?  But more to the point, I won't have to delete one or two days every cycle from my calendar due to severe bleeding and pain that disrupts my life.  The cyst will be gone, too, of course.  Eighteen years of on-and-off torment will be over.  Not nervous - just relieved at this point.

SECONDARY:  My wife has misplaced her wedding ring.  Currently, she's wearing my wedding ring on her necklace and wearing the rainbow gemstone ring I gave her on her left ring finger.  I'm wearing my grandfather's old signet ring that I inherited on my ring finger so it's not naked.  (I'm really fond of that ring, actually, and I'm sad that the only finger it fits is my left ring finger - my right ring finger is significantly larger at the knuckle, so it's an excuse to wear it.)  HOWEVER, that got me thinking of something I've been considering for a while.  I've thought about getting a wedding-band tattoo on my left ring finger.  Cheesy, perhaps (although I've got a design in mind), but I like the idea of having something that nobody can remove from me.  I'll have to take off my wedding band on Monday when I go in for surgery.  If I have a wedding band tattoo, they can't remove it.  My Trophy Wife supports this idea.  I would never pressure her to get one - this is what I'm considering for myself.  What do you folks think?

TERTIARY: I've broken past my snippet of writer's block, and I'm writing the last few scenes of my Star Trek Big Bang fic.  This fic is rather overwhelming and huge, and I'm just hoping it works out the way I want it to.  I shouldn't be nervous, but you know me - I am.  I  hope people will like it.

QUATERNARY:  Really sick and tired of having religion thrown at me randomly, as if I should just simply accept it.  And it's always Christianity I'm being force-fed.  Random co-workers (not in my department - other departments), random folks around and about, businesses,   Why, people?  And how shall I respond?  Shall I respect this obnoxious, in-your-face, you-must-agree attitude from people, or shall I fire back?  Shall I tell them that it's not healthy for adults to cling to fairy tales?  Shall I cluck my tongue and shake my head sadly because they haven't converted to (X) other religion?  Shall I try to tell them of the joy of being a Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or Pastafarian?  Really, I can't just keep going along with this.  I need a fair game plan of how I shall respond to future forceful intrusions of other people's religion on my life.
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PRIMARY: Stayed up until 3:00 AM last night, writing for my Big Bang story.  I think I'm making progress.  Currently at app. 55K words.  I hope this story won't suck.

SECONDARY:  Have to go to a wedding this weekend.  Have to go to a wedding the weekend after that, too.  Then it's two weeks to Dragon*Con, and I still have a costume to create, in addition to the Big Bang rough draft being due September 1st.  Can we say BUSY AS FUCK???

TERTIARY:  Turning 30 in just a couple of weeks.  I'm happy with my life.  Really, life is awesome.  I just want something... MORE.  Get a novel published?  Med school?  Smashing debut in a Broadway musical?  Buy a new sofa (a microsuede sectional, I think)?  Existential crisis - I has one.

QUATERNARY:  Been working on my vocals/piano more over the past few months.  Last night, I managed to clearly hit "Joanne's" high note in "Seasons of Love" from RENT.  My range is the best it's ever been.  I want to actually take piano lessons eventually, because while I can play, I'm self-taught, and I need more "theory" to really bridge that gap from "not sucktastic" to "quite acceptable."  At the same time... pianos are kinda hard to lug around.  I had a classic acoustic guitar a long time ago, but it died in a flood (the wood warped) and I never got past a couple of basic chords.  I need a new guitar and to force myself to learn it.  Piano is so comfortable and familiar, but maybe I need a shift.  Of course, what's the point of all this if I don't DO something with it, right?  *sigh*  I need to start finding auditions.

QUINARY:  The epic headache of doom from last week has subsided, but not disappeared.  WTF, brain?  Why do you hate me?

SENARY:  I like xylitol.  It's yummy.  Yes, I thought that was worthy of a line in this post. 

SEPTENARY:  I need to seriously tone up between now and Dragon*Con, because I'm going to be wearing a spandex body suit.  No, I'm not kidding.  And no, don't ask.  But if I'm going to be onstage in front of hundreds (thousands?) of people in an outfit that leaves NOTHING to the imagination, I need some muscle definition.

OCTONARY:  I want to go on an adventure.  Dunno what yet, but I want to do something crazy.  Oh, and I also wanted to use the word "octonary," just because it's an awesome word.



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