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The following message comes straight from the director of Trek Fest (he and I are in touch), and he asked me to post it to my groups:


William Shatner and fans help save TrekFest XXVII (June 24-25, 2011)

TrekFest is a small-town festival with a Star Trek theme. Riverside, Iowa is the official Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk - the character played by William Shatner in the original 1960's Star Trek television series.

Riverside, IA (June 15, 2011) - The Riverside Area Community Club (RACC) in Riverside, Iowa (the small town known worldwide as The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk) almost canceled TrekFest XXVII due to lack of funding. The news hit the media and then local businesses, organizations and fans worldwide stepped up with donations allowing TrekFest to take place this June 24th to 25th.

The amount needed was at minimum $10,000. Mindbridge Foundation graciously donated $5,000, the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort $3,000 and The River Products Company of Iowa City gave $1,500. Several contributions from local businesses and residents flowed in along with online donations from people worldwide (as far as Australia) to help save the event. The Iowa City Yaht Club opened its doors for a special concert performed by local bands to raise money. Actor William Shatner also playing a part in keeping TrekFest alive.

In 2004, William Shatner (who played Star Trek's Captain Kirk in the 1960's TV series) filmed INVASION IOWA in Riverside, IA (a Spike-TV reality show). He developed a bond with the local townspeople and promised he would one day come back to Riverside for TrekFest after the casino was built. Since then, RACC invited Shatner to attend each year, and each time he has declined due to his busy schedule. This prompted a Star Trek fan from Kansas to start a Facebook page called “William Shatner should keep his promise and come to TrekFest.” Members of this page and other online fans worldwide ended up donating over $700.

Shatner responded to this year's invitation in a letter to RACC, “Once again I have to tell you that I'm not able to make it to Riverside. I certainly remember you all fondly and hope everyone is in good health and happy. If there is something I can send for you to auction off to help with your community fund, I'd be delighted to do so.”

RACC accepted and Shatner sent two items to be auctioned off and will be announced in the near future.

Bands performing in Hall Park will be Friday: INSECTOID (9pm). Saturday: SYNTHAHOLICS BAND (11:15am); FIVE YEAR MISSION (9:30pm) is a band based out Indiana who offered to come to TrekFest to keep the event alive. Their Mission: Our goal is to take every episode of the original Star Trek, write a song about it, record it, and play it. In the end, there will be five full-length CDs full of Star Trek goodness for all to enjoy. The popular WHO'Z PLAY'IN will take stage at 9pm.

TrekFest highlights include a Demo Derby (Fri, 7:30pm), Saturday Parade at 10am (theme “Assignment Earth” - candy will be tossed to the kids), a Sci-Fi Swap Meet (11am), Costume Contest (1pm). BBQ meals and carnival rides. The event will end with a fireworks show (paid for by the City of Riverside) at 10pm. For an extensive list of TrekFest's family-friendly events, visit www.trekfest.com.

The Riverside Area Community Club is grateful to all their fans (local and worldwide) for keeping TrekFest alive. Ken McCracken (president of RACC) said, “Without the fans, there would literally be no TrekFest.”

TrekFest hopes to continue to live long and prosper. And who knows, maybe one day in the near future William Shatner will accept RACC's invitation to TrekFest and once again come home to The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.


In 1984, former city councilman, Steve Miller, came up with the idea to dub Riverside, Iowa - The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk. This far out idea was approved by the city and by Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry. The town's annual River Fest celebration was renamed TrekFest and has lived long and prospered ever since. The Riverside Area Community Club (RACC) plans and implements TrekFest annually. Money raised by RACC is used to help out the community with academic scholarships, new playground equipment and other events.


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Okay, I really don't like cajoling my friends to join things, and I hate Facebook even more, but I'd REALLY like everyone's help on this one. 

For those of you who don't know what Trekfest is, it's not a major Star Trek con.  It's the local town festival of Riverside, Iowa... the official birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.  Since Roddenberry accepted the town's mission to gain the title, the town has dubbed its annual festival "Trekfest."  It's been attended by various Star Trek actors, and has brought revenue to the tiny Iowa town.

However, this year, Trekfest might be canceled for the first time in over a quarter of a century.  Why?  Money.  Not only is the economy suffering, but the FLOODING last year caused several local fundraisers to fizzle out.  As a result, the town doesn't even have the money to get Trekfest off the ground.  What's worse is that this event brings IN revenue for the town, which would sink them even deeper into a hole.

So, what can you do, you ask?

First, you don't need to come to Trekfest.  I know that not everyone can.  (If you can, you should.  It's FANTASTIC.  And the fine folks or Riverside are wonderful.)  However, a few of us have started a campaign.  We're trying to bring in the big dogs.

You see, when he went to Riverside to film "Invasion Iowa," William Shatner promised to return to Riverside for Trekfest.  Alas, he has yet to return.  Bringing Shatner in might bring money with him.  But hell, the man should just keep his damned promise.

Also, we're trying to rustle up general support for the event.  So first, we need to get word to the Riverside Community Council that the event should be continued.  To do this, join THIS FACEBOOK GROUP.  Then, post your own note to the Riverside Community Council, telling them to keep Trekfest alive.

The second part of the plan is a simple "fanpage" we're using to get Shatner's attention.  The folks who run Trekfest figure we can get some of the other actual actors to "like" the page... but before we ask them, we want to boost the numbers.  Lots of numbers.  We want this to be a fandom-wide campaign.  And all you need to do is press a "like" button.

So please, go to THIS PAGE, and click "like" to tell William Shatner to keep his promise and come to Trekfest this year.  If you're willing, please leave a comment, too.  Your little message to The Shat, telling why you believe he needs to come to Riverside.  I promise, no spam.  No requests for money.  We just need a a show of support. 

PLEASE CROSS POST!  Post to your geeky friends, your fellow Trekkies, your Trek communities.  Hell, even if they're not Trekkies, they understand geeky things.  Ask your anime friends, your Harry Potter friends, your World of Warcraft buddies.  The more, the merrier.  Maybe, we can save Trekfest.
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Yes, I know - I wrote a title in CAPSLOCK.  Sue me.  This is important.  At least, it's important in our geeky, Trekkie universe.  Here's the deal...

Some of you might be familiar with the backstory behind "Invasion Iowa", with William Shatner hanging out around Riverside whilst filming a "mock movie," and the bit of fandom history and lore that says the Shat promised to return to Riverside for Trek Fest.  Well, Mr. Shatner DID promise the good folks of Riverside that he'd attend Trek Fest.  This was over five years ago.  He allegedly promised to attend Trek Fest XXV, which was last year.  He has yet to return to Riverside, and that just doesn't seem right.

Anyway, I've been talking with one of the guys on the Riverside Community Council... you know, that quiet, small-town activities committee that also happens to run Trek Fest.  We're launching a letter-writing campaign.  Oh yes, we are.  And... I think I kinda started it.

We need letters.  HAND-WRITTEN letters to William Shatner, asking him, begging him, reasoning with him, and cajoling him to attend Trek Fest next year.  Do you have a unique angle on why you believe he MUST BE THERE?  Put it in writing.  Do you have some philosophical musing about Captain Kirk that would make his Hollywood-hardened heart start to melt?  Spell it out.  Do you just need to tell him that it would make the universe right if the man would just go back to Riverside, birthplace of James T. Kirk, and bring everything full circle?  Good God, man - write the damned letter! 

Don't make it too long, but say what you need to say.  Hand-written is better if your writing is legible.  If not, then type it.  And then, DO NOT mail it to his fan-mail address.  I'm going to collect them, and then they're going to be sent, as a batch, directly to Shatner's agent, through the Riverside Community Council.  Special delivery, VIP mail, all the way. 

So... write your letter.  THEN... send me an e-mail.  My address of choice is faisons(at)gmail(dot)com.  In the subject line of the e-mail, please write "LETTER TO SHATNER."  That way, I'll know exactly what it is.  Then, I'll send you my mailing address.  (Sorry, but I'd be nuts to put it in a public post.)


1. I WILL NOT read your letters.  However, due to the way I'm collecting them, obviously, the outer envelope will have my name on it.  Please have an internal envelope simply addressed to "William Shatner" or some other iteration of Mr. Shatner's name.  No need to put a stamp on the inner envelope - I'm sending them all in a box.  If you forget the inner envelope, I'll make one.

2. You DO NOT have to be planning to attend Trek Fest to do that.  In fact, one of my angles in trying to get him to come is the simple fact that it would just be RIGHT for him to show up, and that even people who are not attending Trek Fest would want him to go.  
2.A.  If you're planning to attend Trek Fest next year, you really REALLY should write a letter.

3. Try to say something that would really make the guy WANT to go.  It can be as simple as "I'd really like to see you there," or as complicated as a personal story about how Kirk or Shatner touched your life somehow.

4. He's a human being.  He also seems to have a snarky sense of humor.  My guess is that if you feel inclined to write something with a bit of dry witticism, it won't go amiss.  Just don't be out-and-out rude.  We want to make the guy feel welcomed as a person.

5. Please comment with a quick response to this post, just letting me know that you're planning to write a letter.  I want to get a rough estimate.  I have a little bit of time, yes, but I want to get as many letters done as soon as possible, rather than waiting.

6.  SPREAD THE WORD!   Cross-post this like mad.  The more letters we get, the better.  I've always sworn that LiveJournal fandom is the tightest, most active, most enthusiastic, most dedicated, best-networked bunch of fans any fandom could want.  Let's prove it.

Okay, Trek fans!  START WRITING!
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[livejournal.com profile] kaymyth snapped some pictures last weekend over at Trek Fest.  So did [livejournal.com profile] sphynxle , for that matter, but her camera was Teh Evil and ate them. 

So that I can link smaller version of the pictures elsewhere, I'm going to post a few here.  Incoming pictures!

Look at these two amazing GQMF's:

More Trek Fest pictures beneath the cut! Click me! )

Okay, must go do something productive now.  LL&P!
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So, we're back from Trek Fest, and HOLY SHIT. Okay, where do I begin?  And let me tell you something... this entry is LONG, but seriously, I'm telling you, READ TO THE END OF THIS.

EDIT:  Okay, I just noticed that the Trek Fest news has linked my little LJ post.  So if anyone is wandering over here from there... hi!  I didn't write this with any intent for it to be a proper write-up or article.  This is just my crazy little fan-blog where I occasionally flail, rant, and write.  It's not professional.  It's highly illogical.  I wrote it in the backseat of my car on the road home from Riverside while a friend traded driving with me for a little while.  But hey, if you're here, have a cup of tea (Earl Grey, hot), and have a read.

Friday night in Riverside )

So begins Saturday.

Trek Fest Saturday! )

Technically, that was the end of Trek Fest... but it didn't really stop there.  In fact, here's where we get to the best part.

Okay, you know that fantasy we all have? That ridiculous fantasy dream where one of your favorite actors just randomly comes up to you, as you're sitting there drinking coffee and maybe even writing fanfiction, and says, "Mind if I join you?" And how you know it'll never happen, because that's just crazy-talk, and an RPF Mary Sue story of the worst kind? )

Anyway, we're back in Kansas City, and I'm starving, so... goodnight!

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Alas, we've got one person who has had to withdraw from the room we've reserved at the Riverside Hotel and Casino.  We might have another one pull out, too.

Therefore, we have AT LEAST one extra opening at the Riverside Hotel and Casino.

Who wants it?
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Okay, crew!  We're coming down to the wire now.  Are your costumes ready?  Have you practiced your Vulcan salute?  Do you have a fake goatee for Mirror-verse antics?

Head over to the Countdown to Trek Fest Post over at [livejournal.com profile] kcmo_gqmf  for more details!  Who's coming?  Is there new information?  Head on over!

(EDITED because I'm an idiot and forgot to actually post this to the Community page instead of my own damned LJ.)


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