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Hey all! It's time for the USS Macchiato's annual holiday party!

This year, I'm trying to see if we can launch something a little bit special, a little bit crazy. The PLANNING POST is up, so go over there ASAP and respond to the poll. Help us pick a date. Let's get this party started!

Hailing frequencies open!

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Okay guys, the party is ON! The date is Saturday, August 13th (this upcoming Saturday).

Details HERE.

Please RSVP. See you this weekend!

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Okay, it's a Saturday. You know what that means: PARTY. Impromptu party seems to be brewing at my house. There are already six of us here. Three more are coming. The more, the merrier.

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AHOY CREW!!!  Sorry for the excessive use of CAPSLOCK here, but we're pulling together an impromptu mini-party tonight.  We didn't know until the last minute whether it would happen for a few reasons, but... we're gonna try to make it happen.  So here are the details:

WHEN: 6:00 PM, Saturday, March 26th.  (Tonight, duh.)  This party will not run until the wee hours, so I'm estimating between 11:00 PM and midnight for an end time.

WHERE: The Captain's Quarters.  (My house.  As usual, ping me for directions of you need them.)

WHAT: Easy socializing, movie-watching, take-out pizza or other things that I don't have to cook.

WHO: Everyone, of course.  There's a rumor that the Damsels of Dorkington might grace our party with their presence.  I REALLY want to turn Rissy green.

WHY:  We didn't know if she'd be available, but... this is our last chance for a party with our First Officer before she returns to her assignment in the Japan Sector. 

Bonus: Bourbon.

RSVP: If you think you can make it, please give me a quick comment HERE at the post on the community page, or somehow send me a message.  Also, let me know if you're interested in doing take-out or delivery.  Pizza is a strong possibility, so let me know what type of pizza you like.  Bring a bit of cash to pay for pizza if you're interested.  It shouldn't be too expensive.
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Hi everyone! Just a last minute reminder for everyone about the party tomorrow!

The fun starts with a general "social hour" around 3:00 PM as people start to trickle in. The real party begins at 5:00. It's a pot-luck, so bring something to share! The party continues until we're all too tired to function. I've got plenty of sleeping accommodations if anyone wants to stay over.

Remember to RSVP at the main post if you haven't already!

See you there!
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This is just a reminder to all the local-ish Star Trek lovelies on my list here:

Next Saturday, the 19th of March, is the date of our next USS Macchiato party!  The crew will be converging on the Captain's Quarters (my house) for an afternoon and evening of fun!  The kicker on this whole event?  Our First Officer is back in town!  Anticipate the following:

- Pot luck dinner.  I'll be making my (in)famous chili.  Bring something to share! 
- DS9 episodes, plus whatever else we decide to watch.
- Green people.  I bought extra high-grade body color, and will happily turn people into Orions.
- Bourbon.  Really good bourbon.

Also, I've completely finished turning my basement into a proper party room.  Carpet, comfy futons, central heating that actually covers the basement, and the television is downstairs.  We have enough space for the entire crew to sack out on cushy futons while watching episodes and movies now!  The upstairs living room will be non-TV socializing space.  Plus, with a total of four futons and an air mattress in the house, anyone who wants to stay over will have plenty of sleeping space.


NOTE: Also, as most of you know, even though [livejournal.com profile] mizuno_caitlin  is here in the USA right now, she's made her home in Japan.  We're grateful that she's safe, but this is a reminder of how small the world is, and how we really do need to take care of each other.   I'm going to be putting a coffee can for donations near the door.  I know that not everyone in the crew has a lot of money, and that our economy here at home is pretty tight, but if you wish to put in anything (even pocket change), we'll send the full amount to the Red Cross to help with the recovery effort.
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Just a reminder to anyone who might have missed it, the second phase of planning for the USS Macchiato's Holiday Party is underway!  The date has been set for January 8th.  There will be ice skating, a pot-luck holiday feast (I'm making a whole turkey), a gift exchange, movie watching, and general holiday revelry and geekiness!  

If you are interested in attending this event, please go HERE, read the details, fill out the poll, and join us!  Last year, the party had an epic 24 attendees, and we were a very new group.  This year promises to be bigger and better.  Hope to see you there!
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For those of you who might have missed the post on the group page, head over HERE and chime in on the party planning poll.  We need to pick a date for the party, and need to get an idea of what activities people would like to do.

(For those who are new-ish to my LJ, a quick explanation:  The USS Macchiato is a Star Trek fangroup based in the Kansas City area, but with members ranging from Colorado to eastern Missouri, Chicago to Oklahoma.  Technically, we even have members in upstate new York and Japan.  We get together approximately once a month for rampant geekiness and a damned good party.  Membership is open to all humanoids over the age of 18 Earth years.)

Right now, the vague plans for the holiday party include a possible pre-main-party ice skating party at Crown Center.  It will be a pot-luck, and we'll probably watch a movie.  The idea has also been thrown in that we should do an MST3K.  A few people have seconded the notion of doing group fanfic readings aloud (badfic, bad porn, really good fic, crackfic... should be a fun time).  We're also definitely doing another gift exchange game this year (I'll give the full details for that in a separate post) because it went so well last year.

Currently, the date with the most votes is January 8th, although that could still change.

So, if you're interested in joining the USS Macchiato for our annual holiday party, head over there and get involved!


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