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I know that the sexual orientation and gender identity demographics of my friends list are NOT the same as the demographics and statistics for the population at large. However, I'm curious... what ARE the demographics for my friends list?

Please, help me satisfy my own curiosity and vote. Gay, straight, it doesn't matter. Real life friend or fandom friend, it doesn't matter. I want as many people to vote as possible. I want to get as accurate a picture as I can of my Livejournal community.

Please pick the answers you most comfortably identify with. This is about how YOU define YOURSELF. If I missed an obvious choice that I should have included, please forgive me for that oversight. I tried to hit the most obvious ones that I know.

The poll is anonymous - the public will NOT be able to see who gave which answers.

Thank you!

[Poll #1495147]
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As many of you have noticed, a lot of us that came in under the same fandoms have drifted over time. That's normal, especially as fandoms shift, canons close, and people move on. I'm just curious though - what fandoms do you now claim as home? I'm kinda curious to see where my friends have found themselves in their fandom lives. So... a poll![Poll #1471249][Poll #1471249]
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I'm feeling creative, and I want some input , please.[Poll #1039697]


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