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Remember my post earlier about my trip to Dallas?

Well... I'll be in Denver from May 17th to the 20th, this time on pleasure, not business. And, as we know, that's also the weekend of the Star Trek movie release.

Anyone in Denver? Anyone up for getting together? Anyone interested in seeing Star Trek together sometime that weekend? Hell, even Monday is available. :D
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I discovered a new "costume" that I can put together out of my closet. Based on leaked paparazzi pictures from the set of the new Star Trek movie:

(Close-ups available here: http://ontd-pinto.livejournal.com/418647.html)

I've got that EXACT shirt. I have a cut-out I've already made for an insignia-shaped stencil, and a temporary silver-grey spray. I have the boots. I have the grey dress slacks. And... this is MINE.

I am so amused.

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Commence. Epic. Road trip.

I've been wanting to do a road trip to LA for a long time. Never made it. This spring, that will change.

I'm going to Costume Con in Phoenix, AZ on May 11th through the 14th, and from there, I'm hitching a ride with a friend straight to LA. I plan to stay in the area at least five days. Depending on what happens with another friend of mine, I might stay longer and take either a rental car or the train home by myself, or I might road-trip back to Kansas City with that friend around the 20th.

I know a bunch of you live in southern California, and some right in the Los Angeles metro area. So... the question is...

Who has crash space for one Mijan?

All I need is a couch, access to a bathroom, and a towel. A bed is nice, but not necessary. I don't smoke, I don't mind pets (I worked at a zoo and I've had pets from snakes and horses to cats and dogs), and I will only be carrying a small suitcase and a backpack. If you have access to a clothes washer and dryer, or can point me to a laundromat at some point during my stay, that would be great. If you have time to show me around the city, that would be awesome, but NOT required or expected. If you have a bike I could borrow, again... awesome, but not required or expected. I leave things as clean as I find them, and will be flexible around my host(s)'s work schedules.

I know I can't see, do, and experience everything... but my goal is to try my damnedest to do it all while I'm there. I'd like to catch the essential "tourist" sites that are worth seeing, but also see the cool local things.

So... who would be willing to let me stay for a day or more during mid-to-late May?


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