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I discovered a new "costume" that I can put together out of my closet. Based on leaked paparazzi pictures from the set of the new Star Trek movie:

(Close-ups available here: http://ontd-pinto.livejournal.com/418647.html)

I've got that EXACT shirt. I have a cut-out I've already made for an insignia-shaped stencil, and a temporary silver-grey spray. I have the boots. I have the grey dress slacks. And... this is MINE.

I am so amused.

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There are enough explosions to satisfy my need for action in a movie. It won't be anything particularly profound or thought-provoking... but action, explosions, and Chris Pine? I think I can ignore the blatant romance theme just for the sake of that, plus the ludicrous antics.

(And, by the way... hi! I'm still alive!)
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Random Geekery: 

I brought my dinner into the crafting room to sit down with my computer, eat, and use the interwebz.  In my right hand was my bowl of chili, and in my left hand was a perfectly ripened pear.  I put the chili down on the TV tray that had my laptop on it, and plopped the pear on this red and gold throw pillow on my futon.  I sat down and looked at the pear.

It looked so regal, sitting there on the scarlet pillow with its gold embroidery.  So official.  And somehow, it required an anthem.

So I hoisted the pillow into the air and sang out, "Genovia, GENOVIA!!!"

And my wife looked at me like I was on crack.

She might be right.
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More "Unstoppable" stuff... CNN's I-report has a brief set of interviews with the cast, including a short segment with Chris Pine talking about the everyday folks behind the story in the movie.  Whenever I hear this guy talk, I get the impression that he really *does* think a lot, that he considers the stuff he says, and that he's not just waxing poetic for the camera.  If he is just playing up the intellectual ethics for the camera, then I'd be disappointed (impressed with his acting, but still disappointed), but I really think this is just the way Pine is.
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I saw THIS article linked on CNN.com this morning.  I thought some of you might enjoy the story behind the Hollywood drama. 

Go on, read it.  Take the time acknowledge the real people behind the story, and how the actual event unfolded that day.  I think that's important.


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