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Random Geekery: 

I brought my dinner into the crafting room to sit down with my computer, eat, and use the interwebz.  In my right hand was my bowl of chili, and in my left hand was a perfectly ripened pear.  I put the chili down on the TV tray that had my laptop on it, and plopped the pear on this red and gold throw pillow on my futon.  I sat down and looked at the pear.

It looked so regal, sitting there on the scarlet pillow with its gold embroidery.  So official.  And somehow, it required an anthem.

So I hoisted the pillow into the air and sang out, "Genovia, GENOVIA!!!"

And my wife looked at me like I was on crack.

She might be right.
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Revel in its magnificence:

Now have a piece of pie.  All holidays should be so simple let magnificent.
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T'was the night before X-mas... and geeks everywhere are getting their holiday geek on.

Happy holidays!
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Yesterday, I read an article about four Star Trek medical technologies that are already becoming a reality. 

Today, I just read an article about mathematical models for cloaking devices that hide things in space/time. 

You know, I really think a lot of us science geeks got into our particular fields of study because of Star Trek.  And I think that's brilliant.
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The headline:
Popular Australian Tourist Destination Adds Klingon Tours.

I love geeks.  I love Trekkies.  Aaaah, isn't it wonderful?  And seriously, check out the link - there are several key phrases in Klingon that every geek should know.
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I find Star Trek geekery in the strangest places.  I was in one of the labs, and noticed that one of the pressurized water incubators had a sticker on it that said "Decloaking Chamber."  I laughed and asked if it was a Star Trek thing.

Well, apparently, the company "BioCare" was founded by a Star Trek geek.  They make products for use in biomedical research.  Look at one of their lines of TISSUE STAINS.  Look really closely at the names.  See anything familiar?  And check out the Nemesis 7200

Oh, the Geeks are everywhere.  I love it.
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The Damsels of Dorkington, a set of three lovely ladies plus one, are a comedy/satire/Shakespearean troupe who did a music video at VisonCon, a small convention in Springfield, MO.  They grabbed as many  "nerds" as possible to fill in to make the footage for the video.  You can see [livejournal.com profile] mizuno_caitlin  and [livejournal.com profile] coldfireserge at various points in the video, and if you look around 1:30 and 2:04, you'll see me.  I'm the Hobbit in the back, dancing on the table.  :D

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As a geek and a Trekkie, this was about the most awesome thing I could imagine today:

Found here:


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