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So, that fic I wrote the other day? The "And Other Duties As Assigned" story? I think I want to turn it into a series of short stories. I'm writing the second one now. I think it'll help me get my writing juices flowing again.

However... I'm open to brainstorming ideas. In fact, I'd really welcome brainstorming ideas right now.

Basically, I'm looking for situations for Jim that are technically "in the line of duty," but are so wacky, uncomfortable, twisted, trying, unnerving, difficult, awkward, or unexpected that it makes for a fun short story. If you've got an idea, post a comment! I might use it as presented, or modify it slightly, or take inspiration from it and run in a different direction. All suggestions welcome. The crazier the better. I'm generally aiming for non--ship stories, FYI, but bromance is completely acceptable.

(Note: In my universe, I really don't think Jim would have a problem wearing atypical or effeminate clothing for the amusement of some alien dignitary. I think it would take something far more edgy than that to make him uncomfortable. But heck... I could write it anyway for shits and giggles.)

Seriously, let's play "use the fanfic author." You want to see me write Jim into a seriously awkward situation? Here's your chance.

All suggestions are appreciated. :D
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I was a Leo in the old system, and I'm a Leo in the new system.  My Leo-osity is a fixture upon the face of the universe.  Immutable and inalterable.  RAWR!!!
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There are three who vie for that title.

To Professor Kuribayashi - If you want to teach college-level English, you need to learn to speak the language first. No, it wasn't your accent. It was your atrocious grammar and piss-poor grasp of the intricacies of the language. To teach a subject at the college level, you need to be an expert in that subject. And NO, not everything in every story is symbolic of a penis or vagina.

To Ms. Vail - I was SEVEN years old when you marked me wrong on a damned "months of the year" assignment, in which I wrote: "In February, I like to look at buds on the trees getting ready for spring." You wrote in big red letters, "NO YOU DON'T," and you docked ten points. Obviously, you were laboring under the assumption that buds don't appear until later in the year. Yes, I still remember this. And now, at the age of 30, having earned 4.0's in several college botany courses, I can assure you that YES, it is very possible to examine buds on the trees at any point during the winter. They're small, but they're quite visible to the naked eye. And yes, I did enjoy looking at the buds on the trees when I was a kid. How does it feel to know that one of your 2nd graders knew more about basic botany than you did? Oh, and by the way, you still owe me the ice cream sundae that you promised to any kid who finished the entire SRA box of reading exercises. I was the only kid in the class who finished the whole fucking box, and I still want my ice cream, dammit! That sort of shit scars a kid for life, you know.

To Ms. McIntyre - You had no business teaching a health class. Seriously, no business. You couldn't even read and understand the basic nutritional labels on food products. You couldn't do basic math. And fuck, you seemed to be laboring under the assumption that drinking a single alcoholic beverage in your entire life makes a person an alcoholic. You were an embarrassment to the teaching profession. And no, I'm not sorry for correcting you in front of the entire class... multiple times. My classmates deserved accurate information. Really, vegetable oil isn't made of fat? You were a piece of work. Stick with sewing and home-ec. At least you knew how to sew a pretty skirt.


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