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[livejournal.com profile] kaymyth snapped some pictures last weekend over at Trek Fest.  So did [livejournal.com profile] sphynxle , for that matter, but her camera was Teh Evil and ate them. 

So that I can link smaller version of the pictures elsewhere, I'm going to post a few here.  Incoming pictures!

Look at these two amazing GQMF's:

More Trek Fest pictures beneath the cut! Click me! )

Okay, must go do something productive now.  LL&P!
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My brain is too tired to come up with anything coherent to say about Arisia other than the obvious fact that awesome convention was awesome.  However, while my verbal skills are currently lacking, that won't prevent me from offering Frodo Cosplay Picspam!  Here are some pics of me cosplaying as Frodo at Arisia.

One teaser:

More Frodo cosplay pics below the cut! )
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There are two sections of photos that I'll post today.  You see, this trip to San Francisco was two-fold in purpose for me.  Of course, there was the Azkatraz/fandom/SQUEE! stuff, but also, this was my honeymoon.  The first two days, I spent touring San Francisco with my lovely wife, [profile] fiona_fawkes , and seeing the sights of San Francisco.  By the way, she's usually holding the camera... hence the shortage of pics of us together.  *sad*

So, the first half of this is me and Fi (mostly me, because she's the woman with the camera), being touristy and gooberish around San Francisco.  If this bores you, freely skip to the fandom part.  However, this IS my journal, so I do want to document what I did and saw for my own memory.  Fair?

Me, Fi, and San Francisco! )

And the second part, of course... FANDOM!  OMG I love you guys so much.  If anyone wants me to take their picture down, or not use a screen name, please let me know.  Also, if anyone HAS PICS with me or my close friends (especially Fi), please share?  Anyway, on with the fandom fun!


It was a blast, guys.  I have some more pics on my laptop, but my laptop is currently at home, and I... am not.  :p

And yes, I still owe a post about Wicked.  :D

ETA:  I don't know what the hell is going on, but LJ  seems to be inserting tags to end LJ  cuts in the most insane places, for no apparent reason.  So if the cuts seem strange, please let me know, and I'll try AGAIN to go back and fix them.   I've already tried SEVEN times.


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