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The crew has spoken!  Based on the results of the last poll, here are the summarized plans for November 6th:

Dinner will be a classic USS Macchiato pot luck.  Dessert will be marshmallows (s'mores!) over a bonfire in my backyard (weather permitting).  We're going to watch a movie.  The movie will be Galaxy Quest.  After the movie is over, we might set the television to play episodes that various people suggest.  The party will continue until people are too tired to move.

For more details about the party, please go check out the post over at the [livejournal.com profile] kcmo_gqmf  group, HERE.

Don't miss it!
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Hailing the crew of the USS Macchiato!

It's been far too long since we've had a party away mission.  I posted a poll on the ship's LJ community yesterday.  We've got 9 people of replying.  Thus far, the most popular date for the party seems like November 6th, with Seven of Nine people voting for that date.  (Slap me for that one later.)  Come on, guys - we have 44 members of the crew.  Granted, some folks live too far away to come very often, but we should be getting more replies than this!  And after this event, the next big event is the HOLIDAY PARTY.  Last year, we had an attendance of 24 people, and our little ship was practically in its infancy at the time.  It was an awesome party, and this year, we need to out-do that.  (Dude, how am I going to fit all these people in my house the Captain's Quarters?)

So, it's time to BOOST THE SIGNAL.  The Captain is alive and functional and is ready to give the "PUNCH IT!" command.  Let's get this ship - the finest ship ever to cruise the galaxy of fandom - back out there and ripping along at Warp Factor 9.

Here's the party planning post:

If you're a member of my crew (or would like to be), and you see this post, please cross-post about this on your LJ.  I want to get the whole crew involved again. 


(Also, I seriously need to review, revise, and update the Ship's Roster.  I remember almost everyone's ship-board positions, but I know I'm forgetting some of them.  That's very bad.  I should be able to remember everyone's duty position.  So I might put out a Ship Roster post soon to get an updated list.)
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Just a heads-up for all my Trek friends - the USS Macchiato is having a meetup this upcoming Saturday. 

More details
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Alas, we've got one person who has had to withdraw from the room we've reserved at the Riverside Hotel and Casino.  We might have another one pull out, too.

Therefore, we have AT LEAST one extra opening at the Riverside Hotel and Casino.

Who wants it?
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In case you missed my post on the community, head over to [livejournal.com profile] kcmo_gqmf  and join us for Trek Fest 2010!
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Attention crew of the USS Macchiato!  The planning phase for the next meetup is underway!

Please go to THIS post and vote in the poll!  :D
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Hey all!  We're in the planning phase for the next meetup of the USS Macchiato.  If you're interested, please head on over to THIS POST, read the details, vote in the poll, and get involved!  All humanoids of the Trekkie persuasion are invited!
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Hey all! 

If you're interested in attending the Star Trek Holiday Party at my house on January 2nd (this Saturday), please go to THIS POST and RSVP.

You do not have to be an official member of the group.  Just be a geek who likes Star Trek, likes parties, likes food, and likes hanging out with other geeks who like the same.  :D
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The USS Macchiato is ready to set out on her second mission - to explore strange new parts of Kansas. To seek out new life forms and new sources of caffeine. To boldly geek where no geek has geeked before!

In other words, we're getting together for food, coffee, and Star Trek. JOIN US!

Please go to THIS POST on our meetup community and participate in the poll. Let us know when and where you'd like to meet up, and what you want to do when we get together. It'll be fun! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!!!
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To all my local Star Trek buddies:

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I know people are going to be pretty busy soon. HOWEVER, I want to get in at least one good meetup gathering before the holidays hit in force. When planning these, the idea is to make it as accessible to as many people as possible. We want to make sure that the day and time and type of event are good for the maximum number of people. Remember, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, right?

Here are the planning points:

- What DAYS work for you over the next month?
- What TIMES work for you?
- What type of meetup? Movie night, meta chat, dinner, costume party (Halloween season is a great excuse), etc?
- What type of venue? My house? Someone else's house? A restaurant? A coffee shop? A pub?
- What areas are accessible to people? In other words, depending on where you live, you might be able to drive to Lawrence, but not Kansas City, or maybe you can get around Kansas City easily enough, but can't make it too far out of the city. But please, if you CAN drive somewhere and are willing to drive a short distance, consider it, just in case we have folks who can't travel as easily. We want to accomodate as many people as possible, and I'm personally willing to drive a distance if that means we can have more of our lovely GQMF's at the meetup. I live in Kansas City, but I know we've got at least two people in Lawrence, and I'm willing to drive out there.

Also - do we WANT to have a meetup coinciding with the release of the new movie on blu-ray? Who's ordering the blu-ray AND has a blu-ray player who might want to host a movie meetup for this?

And finally, you should be aware that there IS already a Star Trek fan group in Kansas City. That's the USS Stargazer group. They're having their Halloween party/movie night this Saturday at 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Would people in this group be interested in joining them? If so, I'll contact them and get details.

They also have monthly meetings, and the next one is November 28th.  Shall we make first contact with them about a possibly alliance?  :D

And finally, if you're interested in this and you haven't already joined [livejournal.com profile] kcmo_gqmf , what the hell are you waiting for?  Get over to that community and SIGN UP!!!

So... hailing frequencies open!


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