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The amazing [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots has drawn some gorgeous artwork for my fic, "And All the King's Men." Please, take a minute to swing over to her journal and look at this art (which illustrates this scene so perfectly i have no words for it) and give her some love.

The art is entitled "Last Stand." Click the thumbnail to see her post with the whole picture:

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Title: Portrait of CPT James T. Kirk
Artist: [info]mijan 
Rating: G
Warnings:  None. 
Fandom: Star Trek ST:XI
Character: Kirk, duh.
Medium: Mechanical pencil and computer printer paper.
Notes: The second in what might become a series of portraits as I slowly remember how to draw again.

Full-sized portrait below the cut )
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Title: Portrait of CMO McCoy
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] mijan 
Rating: G
Warnings:  Deeply furrowed eyebrows of doom.  :D
Fandom: Star Trek ST:XI
Character: Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Medium: Mechanical pencil and computer printer paper
Notes: I drew this at lunch, while looking for Star Trek photos to caption.  I kept seeing the picture of McCoy looking pensive, and decided to sketch it into a portrait.  I haven't drawn portraits in a few years, so I'm rusty, but it feels good to try my hand at this again.  I might try to do more.  :)

Full sized portrait beneath the cut )
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I started sketching this on the way home from Sectus, on the airplane. It was an interesting challenge, especially when we hit turbulance, and I was too stubborn to pause. But when I got home, I didn't edit it right away, and the graphite became a bit too stuck on the paper, and manual edits became a bit more difficult. So, I've attempted to edit through photoshop on my laptop. (No art tablet - not even a mouse. Just a touch-pad.) So, here goes nothing. *sigh* Please tell me it doesn't suck.

Title: The Final Duel (Creative, huh?)
Rating: PG, I think.
Genre: Canon
Medium: Mechanical Pencil
Artist's Notes: I had a bit of trouble with the position of Harry's left arm and hand, but I did some extremely painstaking edits with photoshop, and I think I'm happier with it now. Better angle. Also, my crappy scanner is too small to get the whole image, so it cut off the bottom inch of the page, including my signature and the equivalent of a foot of Voldy's back. *shrugs* Gotta love technology.

And it all comes down to this... )
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Remember the picture in this entry? It was my "Instant Swamp", aimed at Six Apart's censorship spree. I figured, if I'm going to leave LJ, I'm going to do it "Fred-and-George" style. But this was planned to be a series of drawings. You didn't think I could just leave Harry sitting there on Snape's bed, waiting to be paddled? Oh no, I had to continue it. So, the next picture... takes place about fifteen minutes after the first.  Expect more pictures in the series... because you can't seriously think I'm going to leave Severus's clothes ON, do you?

Title: And One To Grow On
Rating: Hard-R (Not Worksafe)
Age of youngest character in picture: 18
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Medium: Mechanical Pencil
Genre: BDSM, kink. Mild to moderate S&M and bondage.
Notes: The second image in a series. This is Harry Potter's 18th birthday, Snarry-style.

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Yes, Harry's birthday has come and gone. And granted, this year, it would have been his 27th, not his 18th, but hey, why not? Actually, seeing as he was 17 in the book that just came out, we can pretend he's turning 18 all over again! Brilliant, yes?

And while we're at it, let's enjoy a bit of AU, and bring Snape back to celebrate. I figure, in my perfect canon, Severus would have had some phoenix tears handy, and healed himself after Harry had left. Then, he and Harry would have a lot of catching up to do over the summer.

Besides... I figure, if I'm going to leave LJ at all, I'm going to do it Fred-and-George style. Here's my Instant Swamp.

Title: Don't Drop the Cake
Rating: Hard-R (Not Worksafe)
Age of youngest character in picture: 18
Characters: Harry Potter, Severus Snape
Medium: Mechanical Pencil

Hey Six Apart! Suck it! )


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