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First, I must get the negative out of the way:

And now, the positive... and there's SO MUCH POSITIVE.

Dear Fandom,
You are LOVE.  You really are.  Everything that was right about Terminus was right because of you - the people of fandom.  There was so much, so let me just list a few:

There were so many things that were RIGHT about Terminus, and they were all due to the people of fandom.  I can't express right now how much you all mean to me, and how much affection I feel for so many of you right now.  That's the fandom I know and love.  That's our fandom.

I'll post more details later, but for now, I had to write that.  Now... I'll get about five hours of sleep before I go to work.  On my birthday.  While I still have that cold.  It's okay.  There are greater things that keep me going.
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I need a ticket to Wrock Chicago, the wizard rock concert coinciding with Terminus.  I just need one ticket.

I hadn't originally decided to go.  I'd thought about it, but Fi wasn't going, and I was wavering on the edge, and it slipped my mind.  Fi reminded me about the deadline, and again, it slipped my mind.  (Yes, I have some major stuff going on right now to distract me, but that's an excuse, and it doesn't help.)

So, voldiebeth and I were on the phone, and she wants to make sure I'm coming to the Wrock Concert because of... well... stuff.  Bigger, badder, and more important than previous concerts.  I was completely unaware of it because I've been MIA from the internet lately.  I told her that I didn't have a ticket... and remembered that the deadline had passed.

So now, I'm screwed unless I can find a ticket.

If you have a ticket but you don't care so much about going, or if you know someone who bought a Wrock ticket but decided not to go, or who can't get to Chicago in time, or is selling their registration and Wrock ticket and will sell separately...please let me know.

EDITED TO ADD:  Despite the fact that I'd read the page more than once, I didn't notice that they're going to be selling some tickets at the door.  So I'm not completely screwed, as long as I'm early in line.  Still... I'd rather have a ticket ahead of time, just in case.  *sigh*
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Yes, I know, I've not been around. I haven't looked at my f-list in days. Maybe weeks, I don't know. I haven't posted. I just started a new job (which is fantastic, btw), have been working on the new house (which needs a LOT of work), making a new garden (which isn't dead yet), and trying to do SOME wand carving before summer hits (*cries*). I feel like the worst person in fandom due to sheer non-existence. I'm almost afraid that I'll get to Terminus, and everyone will have forgotten me. *sigh* Anyway...

The Programming Table for Terminus is public. I finally know when I'm going to be presenting, and… shit, this is a lot of stuff. Just for my own sanity, can you take a look at what I'm presenting, when I'm presenting it, and IF you're going to Terminus, PLEASE tell me which ones you might/will attend. Thanks.  

Okay, so this is a LOT of stuff. When I sent in my submissions, I did NOT expect them to accept all of my proposals. I expected two, MAYBE three. And not only did they accept all FIVE, but they've got me scheduled for TWO SESSIONS of a 90-minute presentation. I know this is going to sound pathetic, but… I want to attend some presentations by OTHER people too!  I really didn't expect to have so... MUCH.  *flail*

I'm going to ask if I can get out of one of the Sadistic Authors presentations. If they let me… which one should I get out of? Friday or Sunday? Look at the overlaps, and tell me what you think. Also, if you want to attend Sadistic Authors (which is NOT just about Sadomasochism, but ALL forms of character torment), please tell me which one you might attend. I'd try to drop the one that has less potential attendance.

Anyway, here's a partial list of the presentations that I want to attend:

So, tell me… what are you planning to attend? 

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Okay, the quick run-down:

1. All of my Terminus proposals have been accepted.  That means I'll be leading the following roundtables:
- Harry Potter: The Missing Years (A discussion of the 3 to 4 years after the Battle of Hogwarts.)
- Harry/Draco: The Next Great Adventure (Shippers' Summit.  Come one, come all!)
- Sadistic Authors and the Characters We Love (to Torment) 
Using Fanfic for Sexual Exploration
- Fanfic Reading: select scenes from "Eclipse"

So... which ones will you attend?

2. I bought my wedding dress yesterday.  Pictures later.

3. Stupid people suck.  I'll elaborate later.  It's funny if you don't have to deal with it yourself.
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So far, I've had two of my Roundtable proposals accepted by the Terminus vetting board.  Who's interested in attending these?

I've still got two proposals in limbo, waiting for approval.  Personally, I think these two will be the most fun... if they accept them:

And to top it all off... I submitted some scenes from Eclipse to potentially be read at Author and Artist night.  Who would come to listen to a fanfic reading?
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Okay, so I finally registered for Terminus, and I've got only a couple of days to come up with any proposals and submissions.

I think I want to do a fanfic reading.  I've had a few people ask me, in the past, why I didn't do a reading at other events, and it sounds like fun.  So, if you've read my fanfics, what should I submit as a selection for a fanfic reading?  A chapter or scene from Eclipse?  Or maybe Only Your Shadow?  Or something else altogether?  If I do a chapter or scene from Eclipse, which one?  How long of a reading?  If you could be there for a reading (or if you WILL be there for a reading), what would you like to hear me read?   Or do you think that if I did a reading, nobody would show up, and it would be better to avoid the embarrassment by not submitting a selection of fanfic to read?

Also, I really really want to do a round table discussion.  Maybe two.  I have several ideas (and no, these are not the refined versions of the summaries), and I need to refine them and narrow down my choices before I submit one or two.  Here are some if my ideas for round-table type things:

What do you think?  What sounds good?  What seems promising, but needs modifications?  Do you have any better title ideas?  Any other ideas that you'd like to see presented?  Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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So, once again, there's moe than one HP convention in a summer. Normally, my reaction would be, "YAY! DOUBLE THE FUN!" However, there are a few reasons why doing two conventions might be a bit of overkill next summer. [Poll #1053028][Poll #1053028]


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