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Hey all, I figured I'd pass this on and boost the signal:

Megaupload files (even legitimate ones) might be deleted as soon as Thursday of this week. So, if you've got essential files on Megaupload... it's time to make backup plans.

Spread the word. I know a lot of fandomers have files on Megaupload.

AO3 Update

Jan. 25th, 2012 04:55 pm
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All of my Star Trek fic is on AO3, with the exception of later chapters of "Crossfire" and "Perspectives," and any collaborations. I'm posting the chapters of "Crossfire" and "Perspectives" one per day.

I also fixed some MAJOR coding gaffes in "And All the King's Men" that I wasn't even aware of, so that should look much nicer. But... I have a question for anyone who cares to answer. AAtKM can easily be broken into seven chapters. That's how it's posted on FF.net.  I have it posted on AO3 in one big piece. Should I break AAtKM into chapters? Which would people prefer? I'm good with it either way. But for now, at least it's prettier... and oh! It has ART in it!

I discovered the ability to embed whole images in fics on AO3. So, AAtKM, In Perfect Trust ,and Personal Physician all have gorgeous art by lizardspots embedded in them. :D

I've also begun posting Harry Potter fic, starting with "Eclipse." Again, one chapter per day. I kinda want to relive that a little bit. :)

Anyway, in case anyone wanted that info, there ya go. Happy ficcing!


Jan. 23rd, 2012 10:41 am
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I've decided to get off my lazy ass and finally post all my fic to AO3.

Yes, I've had an account for ages. Yes, I know it's easy to post. For some reason, I had this weird hangup about posting there. Crazy, but true.

Anyway, things are being posted. I'm putting up ALL the one-shots today. I started posting Crossfire, and I'm going to post one chapter per day of that fic until it's all up there. I want all my other fic posted before I start posting the last part of my Academy series, which is picking up momentum now as we plow into the climax of the fic.

So if anyone wants to find me on AO3, here's my profile:


Have fun!
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Looks like Megaupload might be in a bit of hot water.  The website has been shut down, and the founders have been indicted. Story HERE.

Reposted from <lj user="pinkfinity">.

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Apparently, I don't suck, and someone out there feels that my contributions to fandom are worthwhile, so the prestigious Emmagrant will be interviewing me tonight for Slashcast. For those who don't know, slashcast is an inter-fandom slash-based podcast. It started out in the Harry Potter fandom, but as the writers of the HP fandom branched out into other fandoms, our prestigious hosts expanded the scope of slashcast itself.

The topic for which I'm being interviewed? BDSM in fanfiction. I'm going to give a personal and in-depth look at what I write, why I write it, and what my purpose is for what I write. If you've ever wondered how I tick when it comes to fanfic, listen in. (I'll link the podcast once it's edited and posted.)

Also, Kriken interviewed me for a brief soundbite for slashcast while I was at Arisia, so listen in for that, too.
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Anybody? It's a long project, but there's no actual deadline. I'm at 74,000 words now, and it's getting exciting. Would anyone like to beta?
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I'm going to a convention in Boston next weekend. At that convention, I'm going to be on several panes, but in addition to that, I'm doing a fanfiction reading. Yep, people are going to listen to me while I read my fanfic. Why would anyone want to do that?

So, I have 25 minutes in which to present a group of listeners with the best possible selection of my writing that I can read in that 25-minute window.



Jan. 6th, 2012 06:17 pm
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My wife just defined fandom. We were watching THIS amazing video, which is a tribute to the entire history of Doctor Who. It was made by a FAN. It's incredible. And then my wife defined fandom in a nutshell.

She said: "People who get paid don't make shit this good."

And that is the definition of fandom. That's why we write fic, make vids, draw fan art, and CREATE.

And OH, my fandom, it is GLORIOUS.

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Hey all! It's time for the USS Macchiato's annual holiday party!

This year, I'm trying to see if we can launch something a little bit special, a little bit crazy. The PLANNING POST is up, so go over there ASAP and respond to the poll. Help us pick a date. Let's get this party started!

Hailing frequencies open!

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I got everyone's comments on my last post. I've only been online sporadically because I'm on vacation at my mom's house now, and have been running around seeing friends I've not seen in a long time. I'm going to try to reply to some of them in a minute, but there's no way I'll be able to reply to everyone. Please don't be mad at me for not replying to everyone. I feel bad because it feels like I'm ignoring people, but I'm not.

Anyway, even though it doesn't seem like it now, there was more to the convention than just meeting Shatner. It was the singular most unexpected thing, that's for sure, and the flashiest occurrence, but it wasn't the whole story. Not even close.

So, that's it. Fantastic time at the Trek convention. I wish I'd been there for the whole thing, but how can I regret anything? It was fun. :)
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Take a look over HERE.

So true.

Jun. 20th, 2011 01:48 pm
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Click to see the full-sized version.  Now I want to make "formulas" for all of our favorites.

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Hey bb's... it's been a hellish week for a lot of people. Anyone want to swing by the Jim and Bones chat room? I'm in there, and it's instantly available for anyone who's a member of the comm.

I hope to see you in there!

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The following message comes straight from the director of Trek Fest (he and I are in touch), and he asked me to post it to my groups:


William Shatner and fans help save TrekFest XXVII (June 24-25, 2011)

TrekFest is a small-town festival with a Star Trek theme. Riverside, Iowa is the official Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk - the character played by William Shatner in the original 1960's Star Trek television series.

Riverside, IA (June 15, 2011) - The Riverside Area Community Club (RACC) in Riverside, Iowa (the small town known worldwide as The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk) almost canceled TrekFest XXVII due to lack of funding. The news hit the media and then local businesses, organizations and fans worldwide stepped up with donations allowing TrekFest to take place this June 24th to 25th.

The amount needed was at minimum $10,000. Mindbridge Foundation graciously donated $5,000, the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort $3,000 and The River Products Company of Iowa City gave $1,500. Several contributions from local businesses and residents flowed in along with online donations from people worldwide (as far as Australia) to help save the event. The Iowa City Yaht Club opened its doors for a special concert performed by local bands to raise money. Actor William Shatner also playing a part in keeping TrekFest alive.

In 2004, William Shatner (who played Star Trek's Captain Kirk in the 1960's TV series) filmed INVASION IOWA in Riverside, IA (a Spike-TV reality show). He developed a bond with the local townspeople and promised he would one day come back to Riverside for TrekFest after the casino was built. Since then, RACC invited Shatner to attend each year, and each time he has declined due to his busy schedule. This prompted a Star Trek fan from Kansas to start a Facebook page called “William Shatner should keep his promise and come to TrekFest.” Members of this page and other online fans worldwide ended up donating over $700.

Shatner responded to this year's invitation in a letter to RACC, “Once again I have to tell you that I'm not able to make it to Riverside. I certainly remember you all fondly and hope everyone is in good health and happy. If there is something I can send for you to auction off to help with your community fund, I'd be delighted to do so.”

RACC accepted and Shatner sent two items to be auctioned off and will be announced in the near future.

Bands performing in Hall Park will be Friday: INSECTOID (9pm). Saturday: SYNTHAHOLICS BAND (11:15am); FIVE YEAR MISSION (9:30pm) is a band based out Indiana who offered to come to TrekFest to keep the event alive. Their Mission: Our goal is to take every episode of the original Star Trek, write a song about it, record it, and play it. In the end, there will be five full-length CDs full of Star Trek goodness for all to enjoy. The popular WHO'Z PLAY'IN will take stage at 9pm.

TrekFest highlights include a Demo Derby (Fri, 7:30pm), Saturday Parade at 10am (theme “Assignment Earth” - candy will be tossed to the kids), a Sci-Fi Swap Meet (11am), Costume Contest (1pm). BBQ meals and carnival rides. The event will end with a fireworks show (paid for by the City of Riverside) at 10pm. For an extensive list of TrekFest's family-friendly events, visit www.trekfest.com.

The Riverside Area Community Club is grateful to all their fans (local and worldwide) for keeping TrekFest alive. Ken McCracken (president of RACC) said, “Without the fans, there would literally be no TrekFest.”

TrekFest hopes to continue to live long and prosper. And who knows, maybe one day in the near future William Shatner will accept RACC's invitation to TrekFest and once again come home to The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.


In 1984, former city councilman, Steve Miller, came up with the idea to dub Riverside, Iowa - The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk. This far out idea was approved by the city and by Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry. The town's annual River Fest celebration was renamed TrekFest and has lived long and prospered ever since. The Riverside Area Community Club (RACC) plans and implements TrekFest annually. Money raised by RACC is used to help out the community with academic scholarships, new playground equipment and other events.



Jun. 12th, 2011 02:08 pm
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Dear Fandom,

I love you.

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I signed up for Star Trek Big Bang.

I'm not 100% sure if I'll go through with it, but I signed up in case I decide I want to post the final installment of the Academy series as a Big Bang, like the other parts of the series. But... still... shit.
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Okay, I really don't like cajoling my friends to join things, and I hate Facebook even more, but I'd REALLY like everyone's help on this one. 

For those of you who don't know what Trekfest is, it's not a major Star Trek con.  It's the local town festival of Riverside, Iowa... the official birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.  Since Roddenberry accepted the town's mission to gain the title, the town has dubbed its annual festival "Trekfest."  It's been attended by various Star Trek actors, and has brought revenue to the tiny Iowa town.

However, this year, Trekfest might be canceled for the first time in over a quarter of a century.  Why?  Money.  Not only is the economy suffering, but the FLOODING last year caused several local fundraisers to fizzle out.  As a result, the town doesn't even have the money to get Trekfest off the ground.  What's worse is that this event brings IN revenue for the town, which would sink them even deeper into a hole.

So, what can you do, you ask?

First, you don't need to come to Trekfest.  I know that not everyone can.  (If you can, you should.  It's FANTASTIC.  And the fine folks or Riverside are wonderful.)  However, a few of us have started a campaign.  We're trying to bring in the big dogs.

You see, when he went to Riverside to film "Invasion Iowa," William Shatner promised to return to Riverside for Trekfest.  Alas, he has yet to return.  Bringing Shatner in might bring money with him.  But hell, the man should just keep his damned promise.

Also, we're trying to rustle up general support for the event.  So first, we need to get word to the Riverside Community Council that the event should be continued.  To do this, join THIS FACEBOOK GROUP.  Then, post your own note to the Riverside Community Council, telling them to keep Trekfest alive.

The second part of the plan is a simple "fanpage" we're using to get Shatner's attention.  The folks who run Trekfest figure we can get some of the other actual actors to "like" the page... but before we ask them, we want to boost the numbers.  Lots of numbers.  We want this to be a fandom-wide campaign.  And all you need to do is press a "like" button.

So please, go to THIS PAGE, and click "like" to tell William Shatner to keep his promise and come to Trekfest this year.  If you're willing, please leave a comment, too.  Your little message to The Shat, telling why you believe he needs to come to Riverside.  I promise, no spam.  No requests for money.  We just need a a show of support. 

PLEASE CROSS POST!  Post to your geeky friends, your fellow Trekkies, your Trek communities.  Hell, even if they're not Trekkies, they understand geeky things.  Ask your anime friends, your Harry Potter friends, your World of Warcraft buddies.  The more, the merrier.  Maybe, we can save Trekfest.
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I get reviews on old fics on my ff.net account fairly frequently. Usually, it's my big Harry/Draco fanfic from back in the day. Sometimes, it's my smaller fics.

The one in question today was a one-shot. Posted in October of 2005, it had just over 5,000 words, wasn't terribly deep (although it did have some insightful content), and could almost be categorized as crackfic in some regards. The title was "Stop the World! (I Wanna Get Off.)"

Anyway, it's a one-shot. It was MEANT to be a one-shot. That's it. Some readers, it seems, jut can't accept that. There were some reviews begging for a sequel, or asking why I wouldn't just continue the story. (Uh, because THAT IS THE STORY. Period.)

However, we all know that when people beg for more, it's really a compliment. I totally get that. I've expressed to some of my favorite writers that I hope there will be more of a particular fic, or a sequel in the works. That's not what today's meta is about. Today, we're discussing entitlement culture.

You see, today's review gave me pause, NOT because the person wanted more. No, it was actually the specific phrasing is what caught my attention:

That.is.not.fair. What do you mean no sequel is planned? D: )
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Hi everyone! Just a last minute reminder for everyone about the party tomorrow!

The fun starts with a general "social hour" around 3:00 PM as people start to trickle in. The real party begins at 5:00. It's a pot-luck, so bring something to share! The party continues until we're all too tired to function. I've got plenty of sleeping accommodations if anyone wants to stay over.

Remember to RSVP at the main post if you haven't already!

See you there!
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This is just a reminder to all the local-ish Star Trek lovelies on my list here:

Next Saturday, the 19th of March, is the date of our next USS Macchiato party!  The crew will be converging on the Captain's Quarters (my house) for an afternoon and evening of fun!  The kicker on this whole event?  Our First Officer is back in town!  Anticipate the following:

- Pot luck dinner.  I'll be making my (in)famous chili.  Bring something to share! 
- DS9 episodes, plus whatever else we decide to watch.
- Green people.  I bought extra high-grade body color, and will happily turn people into Orions.
- Bourbon.  Really good bourbon.

Also, I've completely finished turning my basement into a proper party room.  Carpet, comfy futons, central heating that actually covers the basement, and the television is downstairs.  We have enough space for the entire crew to sack out on cushy futons while watching episodes and movies now!  The upstairs living room will be non-TV socializing space.  Plus, with a total of four futons and an air mattress in the house, anyone who wants to stay over will have plenty of sleeping space.


NOTE: Also, as most of you know, even though [livejournal.com profile] mizuno_caitlin  is here in the USA right now, she's made her home in Japan.  We're grateful that she's safe, but this is a reminder of how small the world is, and how we really do need to take care of each other.   I'm going to be putting a coffee can for donations near the door.  I know that not everyone in the crew has a lot of money, and that our economy here at home is pretty tight, but if you wish to put in anything (even pocket change), we'll send the full amount to the Red Cross to help with the recovery effort.


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