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Awareness is good. The extreme reach of breast cancer awareness (everything is fucking PINK right now) sometimes irks me slightly, and makes me feel like the real health message of breast cancer awareness gets lost in the marketing gimmicks. (Yes, they're marketing gimmicks, and companies make more money off of them.)

But this? This is hilarious. I LOL'ed. Seriously LOL'ed.

Now I want to slash every person in that vid.
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Who likes titties?  I do, I do!
Who likes pussy?  I do, I do!

This picture made my day.

Also... I'm bringing my cat to the vet this afternoon.  Heh.
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Random Geekery: 

I brought my dinner into the crafting room to sit down with my computer, eat, and use the interwebz.  In my right hand was my bowl of chili, and in my left hand was a perfectly ripened pear.  I put the chili down on the TV tray that had my laptop on it, and plopped the pear on this red and gold throw pillow on my futon.  I sat down and looked at the pear.

It looked so regal, sitting there on the scarlet pillow with its gold embroidery.  So official.  And somehow, it required an anthem.

So I hoisted the pillow into the air and sang out, "Genovia, GENOVIA!!!"

And my wife looked at me like I was on crack.

She might be right.
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I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and realized that my eyebrows are thick enough to get bed-head.

I personally think that's kinda awesome.  I love my fuzzy eyebrows.  I have traumatic memories of the J.V. girls' basketball team deciding I needed a makeover, and attacking my eyebrows with tweezers.  HORRORS.  And fucking painful.  So I decided to embrace my epically hirsute supra-orbital arches.  So yeah, my eyebrows had bed-head.

I told my wife, and she sporfled, and insisted that I post it on my LJ.  So there you go.  
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This... is so good.  I can't stop laughing. 

Seriously, click this. It's a GIF. It's worth it. I promise. )

You're welcome.
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So, I needed some new clothes, and bought a few new t-shirts and Henleys.  You know - just comfortable casual stuff that I can wear without having to think.  I tried on the large and XL Henleys, and the XL was a bit too baggy, so I bought three larges.  Wore one last night, and it fit perfectly - that nice balance between fitted and loose.

Then I ran them all through the laundry.

Now, they're snug.  Quite... fitted.  And I was all o.O

So I walked into the sewing room  with my incredibly form-fitted Henley and asked my wife how bad it looked.  And she said, "Well, now it looks like you're channeling Zach Quinto, rather than Chris Pine."   And I'm even more o.O

The intent is not to look like a specific person, but I *am* preferring to go for the Straight Male look.  Mostly because that's what I kinda like.

And that's when she said, "It's not like either look is bad.  It's just that Zach is all, 'I'm obviously gay but we just don't discuss it publicly,' and Chris is, 'But of course I'm straight... *wrist-flip*... DUH!'"

At that point, I lost it, and said, "I need to put that on LJ."

So... there are your Sunday LOLz.  And now, I'm off to the store to get a size larger.  :p
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My friend Valorie saw my Starfleet International newsletter on the table.

Valorie:  "Are you a member of Starfleet?"

Me:  "Yes... can I get a towel?"

Valorie:  "Huh?"

Me:  *ded of LOLz*
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To celebrate the traditional way... TREKMAS LOLZ!

More Trekmas LOLz beneath the cut! )

And now, because it's also Catmas, here are some classic LOLcats.  These are the ones I made last year, one of which ended up on the front page of icanhazcheezburger as the Christmas morning LOL:

More Catmas LOLz beneath the cut! )

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So, tonight, I'm going to a Halloween party hosted by the local Science Fiction and Fantasy society. Geeks + Halloween = mad crazy awesome. The theme is alien abduction. What to wear, what to wear? Oh hell, I'm wearing my Starfleet uniform and calling it good.

And in the meantime... I've made more TrekLOLz for you!


More TREK-LOLZ! Click me! )

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Last night, I was hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] affectingly  and [livejournal.com profile] jelliclekat , and we were sitting around the dinner table eating, and talking about phasers and other silliness and I said, "Don't phase me, bro!"  Which led to much giggle, and OMG THAT SHOULD BE A LOL.  I said, "I can do zat!" scrambled out of my seat, ran to the den, grabbed my laptop, pulled up roflrazzi.com, and made this:

If you like it, go vote for it here:

I think this one has a chance at the front page.  :D

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I started today with this one:

Want more?

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There are times when Failblog provides the ultimate geeky form of entertainment.  I think I've just witnessed the ultimate win:

Pay particular attention to the "Memo" line. 

Now, this stems back to this conversation, captured here:


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It's my lunch break.  I went to icanhascheezburger.com, as I often do.  After looking at the Lolcats, I went over to cheezburger's sister site, PunditKitchen, which makes LOLz of news, current events, politicians, and other such photos.

I saw this photo, begging to be captioned, and couldn't resist:

I think I have secured my spot in the handbasket to hell.  But it's been a fun ride!

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Last night, I'm in the kitchen, and all of a sudden, I hear this strange clatter on the wooden floor of the living room.

Wondering what the hell the pets were doing this time, I walk around to the living room to see the cat's food dish, empty, sitting upright on the floor.  Now, bear in mind that the cat's dish is kept in the basement with his litter box, the water, and the dog's food.  That means that the cat had decided that he'd waited long enough, and had carried the damn bowl upstairs himself out of spite and to make the blatant demand.  The cat was sitting a few feet away, staring at me. 

The message was loud and clear:  "FEED ME, FUCKERS!"

I hadn't laughed that hard in ages.  It got even better when Fi supplied the commentary on behalf of the cat.

My life is a LOL.

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Sorry I was out of touch yesterday, but I spent the morning packing, the early afternoon at a friend's house for Christmas dinner, and the evening driving to Fi's family's house.  This is the first I've managed to get on the interwebz.  I had a spiffy Christmas, and everyone liked the presents I got for them, especially Fi.  I'm very proud of myself - the presents I gave out this year were a BIG improvement over last year.   I didn't have a clue last year what to get for Fi, or for her family.  This year, Fi liked everything I got for her (unlike my utter fail last year), so I'm quite pleased with myself.

We're having Christmas dinner with my in-laws today because we couldn't be here early enough yesterday for dinner.  The turkey is in the oven, the gravy is bubbling on the stove, the dressing is ready to be mixed, and I'm waiting for Fi to finish downloading the Doctor Who Christmas Special.  :D

It's a good holiday.  I'm pleased.  OH!  And I have another reason to be pleased with myself... my LOLcat was the "Christmas Morning LOL" over on icanhascheezburger:

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From Pundit Kitchen, the offshoot site of icanhascheezburger.com...

I didn't make that LOL, and I didn't make this one either, but gosh-darn, it's so true:
There are no words... (except the ones they misspelled)... )


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