May. 18th, 2012

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I know I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy. And I'm currently out of town.

My adventure began with a road trip to Phoenix, AZ (with a few stops along the way). Then, I caught a ride with a friend to Moreno Valley in CA to a friend's house. We hit up Palm Springs. We took a tram to the top of Mt. San Jacinto and I climbed on ALL THE THINGS. Have I mentioned that I love heights? The views from the top, overlooking the desert, were gorgeous. And then, that night, we went out to Joshua Tree National Park (where I climbed MOAR THINGS), and watched the stars come out in the desert. Bucket list? CHECK.

I then was transferred to the tender mercies of another friend, living in Azusa. She took me up to Kirk's Rock (the Vasquez Rocks) up north of the city, where I climbed EVEN MOAR THINGS. (Yes, I have pictures of me at the top of Kirk's Rock.) Then we came back to the city and stopped at the Griffith Observatory (lovely views) and watched the show in the planetarium.

The following morning, we went back into the city. We went to the Getty, which is GORGEOUS. So many things to see and photograph. I went on an architecture tour of the place. After that, we went for dinner at Umami Burger, where I had many things with truffles in them. The beer was quite good, too. At that point, we realized that we didn't really have enough time to get to Santa Monica before the sci-fi meeting, so I hit the Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame. Of note: Dan Radcliffe's hands are the same exact size as mine. I am not surprised by this in the slightest.

From there, went to the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society's weekly meeting. I kinda ducked out on the meeting and went to the social space to socialize. I talked to people, and got lots of tips for awesome things to do and see that are more "off the radar" from tourists. I also got a contact from one guy who is a director and knows someone who works for Raleigh Studios... where they film Castle. And she's going to try to get me into the set next week. :D

So that takes me to where I am right now. I've been handed off to Friend #3, who lives right in the heart of LA. I'm within walking distance of several awesome locations, and I have PLANS. But first, I've had almost no exercise in the past week. I have eaten too much, and feel like I've gained a solid five pounds of pure fluff. So I've suited up in my running gear, I'm hydrating with a couple of liters of water, slathering on some sunblock, and getting ready to run around Silver Lake. (To my J&B friends - yeah, it's also sightseeing.)

Later this afternoon, I'm going to find a coffee shop (not in Silver Lake, actually) where I can get some decaf, do some fanfic writing, and PEOPLE WATCH. Then, tonight, we're going to a Korean Spa. I am Le Excite.

More adventures await!


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