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2018-08-12 09:38 pm
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Masterlist: Star Trek Fics and Art

In the interest of quick references and organization, here's a master-list of my Star Trek fanfics and fanart for anyone who might feel inclined to sift through my stuff and see what they find. It's alphabetical, by category.

Please heed the warnings. Play at your own risk. No substitutions, extensions, or refunds. For novelty use only. No money has been made by the author. Not approved for use as a flotation device. Contents have not been evaluated by the FDA. May be habit-forming. Check with your pharmacist for possible drug interactions. Do not use while operating heavy machinery. May cause allergic reactions in people with homophobia. No trees were harmed in the making of this fanfiction; however, a large number of electrons were horribly inconvenienced.

Fic and art behind the cut! )
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2013-04-24 05:00 pm

Oh yeah, and Denver. Who's in Denver?

Remember my post earlier about my trip to Dallas?

Well... I'll be in Denver from May 17th to the 20th, this time on pleasure, not business. And, as we know, that's also the weekend of the Star Trek movie release.

Anyone in Denver? Anyone up for getting together? Anyone interested in seeing Star Trek together sometime that weekend? Hell, even Monday is available. :D
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2013-03-19 07:45 pm
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Looking for a GENETICIST.

Are you a geneticist? Are you a GOOD geneticist? Are you creative and like to think outside the box? Do you have any particular skills in genetic modification in plants?

I might have a one-in-a-million job connection for you.

Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or Doctorate degree - doesn't matter. This guy cares more about your abilities and creativity than the actual degree you have, as long as you've got the academic and personal background to justify an interview.

If you (or someone you know) is a geneticist with a very strong academic background and a penchant for original thinking, send me a private message. Yes, I'm serious.
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2013-02-28 04:42 pm
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So... I met with Chocolate Guy today... and he offered me a job, and I accepted. It's a unique job with decent pay. I will put my 100% into the job and give it all I've got. I never do things in half-measure.

In the meantime, I'm going to look at volunteering for a local smaller fire department on weekends or days off. I did tell the Chocolate Boss (as I'll call him online for now) about my desire to do volunteer EMS for now. He seems okay with this.

Even if I get the Fire Department job, it won't start until October. I needed a job now anyway. I was going to blow through all of my scant savings soon if I didn't. I will apply to the KCKFD in the meantime and see what happens. If I get in... then I'll make my decision of which way to go with my career.

As for the donations for LASIK - if I even want to apply for the KCKFD, I would still need LASIK. However, depending on when I start getting paid, I will no longer be broke, and will be able to afford more of it myself. I'd still have to do a payment plan for the LASIK, but with a job, I should be able to get financing, which I couldn't before. THEREFORE... I am offering to refund anyone who wants me to refund them. I don't want to take people's money without true need, and it is only fair that I offer this.

So... if you want/need the donation back, please don't hesitate to ask. Contact me privately. I kept all of the PayPal money in PayPal (just in case something like this happened) so that all I need to do is to hit the "refund" button to send the money back to you. Don't feel weird about asking. I still deeply appreciate the sentiment. If you want me to keep the money and use it for LASIK, I won't insult you by turning down the gift either. It is still deeply appreciated. I'm not rich, but if I start getting paid soon, I won't be broke either. Up to you, no strings attached. And if you're still interested in having me write fic for a ficathon and still want to throw money into the pot... I promise you a most excellent fic. :D

I feel that this is the right thing for me to do. I still haven't given up on my dreams of an EMS career... but for now, I think this is right. ♥
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2013-02-27 10:48 am
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Fundraiser Update!

Fundraiser totals update!

Currently, we've got $1075 on the GiveForward site, and $1321.55 on PayPal, for a whopping total of $2396.55.

Continuing to maintain transparency, here are the donations on PayPal:

A.J.D. - $100
K.L. - $50
N.W. - $10
Anon. - $100
E.M. - $50
A.Z. - $50
H.T. - $118
C.S. - $60
W.Y. - $500
S.S. - $100
C.S. - $50
C.S. - $40
N.O. - $22
C.R. - $28
C.P. - $50

I'm still waiting on the last Lasik place to see if I qualify for one of their studies. If I do, I can get a discount. That's the place where I want to get this done. I feel like they're the best and most trustworthy. I'll keep you guys posted on that. If I qualify, I'm going to try to have it done before the middle of March.

My ficathon is going well. I've posted two fics, and I'm working on a third. I'm also offering haircuts and massages to my local friends in exchange for donations.

In other news, last night, I finished my final clinical rotation last night. I drove through the snowstorm to get there, and had a good and interesting rotation, considering that it was fairly quiet in the ER that night. I really like helping people. However, seeing as I got home at 1:30 in the morning, I'm exhausted. I think I'm going to go suck down some coffee and try to feel human again.

Much love, everyone. ♥
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2013-02-22 05:19 pm
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Fundraiser Update

Another fundraiser totals update!

Currently, we've got $950 on the GiveForward site, and $1181.55 on PayPal, for a whopping total of $2131.55.

Continuing to maintain transparency, here are the donations on PayPal:

A.J.D. - $100
K.L. - $50
N.W. - $10
Anon. - $100
E.M. - $50
A.Z. - $50
H.T. - $118
C.S. - $60
W.Y. - $500
S.S. - $100
C.S. - $50

My fanfic auction is going well. I've completed and posted one fic, and I'm almost done with my second. I have several more in the works. Have a fanfic kink you want filled? Allow me to indulge your fantasies with your favorite characters.

I'm still almost $2000 away from the total amount for the procedure, but the closer I get to it, the better chance I have of being able to cover the difference myself. I have one more screening with another place on Monday (I like having options), and then I'll make the best decision based on quality AND price.

Thank you, guys. I really feel like this is going to happen. ♥

Also, in other news, I've been working on paying it forward already. In the past 24 hours, I've dug out three neighbors' driveways and front paths, and six cars stuck on my street. Midwesterners don't necessarily know how to handle this much snow, and I was afraid people would have heart attacks trying to shovel out for themselves. Besides, I actually LIKE shoveling. I felt really good about it. I like helping people when I can.
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2013-02-19 01:40 pm
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Mind = Blown

Fundraiser totals update!

Currently, we've got $825 on the GiveForward site, and $471.55 on PayPal, for a whopping total of $1296.55.

As promised, I'm doing my best to keep full transparency here. I know you guys trust me (otherwise you wouldn't be doing this), but I want to be fully transparent. You can see the individual donations on the GiveForward site, and here are the donations on PayPal:

A.J.D. - $100
K.L. - $50
N.W. - $10
Anon. - $100
E.M. - $50
A.Z. - $50
H.T. - $118

I'm using people's initials for the sake of accountability, unless they ask me to use their name or screen name, or ask me to keep them totally anonymous.

Also, my fanfic auction is open! Have a fanfic kink you want filled? Allow me to indulge your fantasies with your favorite characters.

Again... thank you, guys. I talked to my therapist about this today. I had a hard time not crying. My mind is seriously blown here.
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2013-02-17 12:34 pm
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For the next month, I declare a Ficathon. I have one month to raise enough money to get Lasik. At this point, it's all or nothing, right?

Because selling fanfics is taboo and could get me in trouble, and because I wouldn't do that anyway, here's how this is going to run:

1. You make a request. It can be any fandom with which I am familiar. It can be any theme (except rape, please). Any rating.

2. I fill the request. It might be a drabble, ficlet, or short fic. You know me... I get carried away with plots sometimes.

3. You decide how much you want to donate. There are no set amounts. It's up to you. You can even do the whole thing anonymously.

So... if there's something you always wanted to dare me to write... here's your chance.
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2013-02-17 12:22 pm
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Gratitude, in spades.

Ever found yourself in a situation where you desperately wanted to express the degree of gratitude you're really feeling, but you can't because this is the internet, and all of your thoughts are distilled down to pixelated characters? Yeah, that's where I am right now.

As a brief recap to those who are just now joining this crazy little saga... I discovered last week that in order to even be ELIGIBLE for the fire department (my dream job), I need to have UN-corrected vision of 20/100 or better. (See post HERE for that little outburst of desolation.) My vision without my glasses or contacts is far worse than 20/800. The only way for me to even have a chance at this is to get Lasik. Because of the way my eyes are, I don't qualify for the cheapest version of Lasik - I'd have to get the more expensive one. It's $4000. (Note: I am going for another screening test at another place on Wednesday, and they might be less expensive.) And... I'm unemployed.

To be blunt... I have the world's most incredible friends. One of my buddies started a fund-raiser. (Details HERE.)

Currently, we've raised $430 on GiveForward (the fundraiser page that my friend started), and $160 by direct donation to PayPal. That's $590 towards $4000 in just a couple of days. I'm seriously blown away here, and I'm starting to think that this might really happen.

At the same time, I'm not going to just sit back. As I said in the previous post, I'm willing to do things in exchange for donations. (Mind out of the gutter, folks.) If you want, I will "pay it forward" and make a donation in your name to the charity of your choice when I'm a paramedic. However, more immediately... I'm going to start a fanfic exchange. I'll have that post up shortly.

In the meantime, thank you again. Seriously. Words on the internet just aren't enough to express that.
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2012-07-31 07:23 pm
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Masterlist: Harry Potter Fic and Art

I should have made a sticky post with links to my fics and artwork ages ago.  So, here they are!  The art is currently posted on my Yahoo group, but I'll try to find an archive where I'd like to post it all, including NC-17 art.  I've got a few unfinished pieces that I'm going to try to finish and post soon, too, but for now, here's what there is. 

Fic Links! Click Me! )
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2012-07-11 07:40 pm

USS Macchiato Party!

Ahoy crew! The party is ON! Saturday, July 21st, starting at 3:00 PM. It's going to be a backyard barbecue in the afternoon and a house party in the evening.

Head on over
HERE to get all the details and to RSVP!

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2012-05-18 11:24 am
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The Great LA Adventure (Part 1)

I know I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy. And I'm currently out of town.

My adventure began with a road trip to Phoenix, AZ (with a few stops along the way). Then, I caught a ride with a friend to Moreno Valley in CA to a friend's house. We hit up Palm Springs. We took a tram to the top of Mt. San Jacinto and I climbed on ALL THE THINGS. Have I mentioned that I love heights? The views from the top, overlooking the desert, were gorgeous. And then, that night, we went out to Joshua Tree National Park (where I climbed MOAR THINGS), and watched the stars come out in the desert. Bucket list? CHECK.

I then was transferred to the tender mercies of another friend, living in Azusa. She took me up to Kirk's Rock (the Vasquez Rocks) up north of the city, where I climbed EVEN MOAR THINGS. (Yes, I have pictures of me at the top of Kirk's Rock.) Then we came back to the city and stopped at the Griffith Observatory (lovely views) and watched the show in the planetarium.

The following morning, we went back into the city. We went to the Getty, which is GORGEOUS. So many things to see and photograph. I went on an architecture tour of the place. After that, we went for dinner at Umami Burger, where I had many things with truffles in them. The beer was quite good, too. At that point, we realized that we didn't really have enough time to get to Santa Monica before the sci-fi meeting, so I hit the Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame. Of note: Dan Radcliffe's hands are the same exact size as mine. I am not surprised by this in the slightest.

From there, went to the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society's weekly meeting. I kinda ducked out on the meeting and went to the social space to socialize. I talked to people, and got lots of tips for awesome things to do and see that are more "off the radar" from tourists. I also got a contact from one guy who is a director and knows someone who works for Raleigh Studios... where they film Castle. And she's going to try to get me into the set next week. :D

So that takes me to where I am right now. I've been handed off to Friend #3, who lives right in the heart of LA. I'm within walking distance of several awesome locations, and I have PLANS. But first, I've had almost no exercise in the past week. I have eaten too much, and feel like I've gained a solid five pounds of pure fluff. So I've suited up in my running gear, I'm hydrating with a couple of liters of water, slathering on some sunblock, and getting ready to run around Silver Lake. (To my J&B friends - yeah, it's also sightseeing.)

Later this afternoon, I'm going to find a coffee shop (not in Silver Lake, actually) where I can get some decaf, do some fanfic writing, and PEOPLE WATCH. Then, tonight, we're going to a Korean Spa. I am Le Excite.

More adventures await!
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2012-05-06 10:44 pm

Two days until I leave for Costume Con, and...

I discovered a new "costume" that I can put together out of my closet. Based on leaked paparazzi pictures from the set of the new Star Trek movie:

(Close-ups available here: http://ontd-pinto.livejournal.com/418647.html)

I've got that EXACT shirt. I have a cut-out I've already made for an insignia-shaped stencil, and a temporary silver-grey spray. I have the boots. I have the grey dress slacks. And... this is MINE.

I am so amused.

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2012-04-22 11:27 pm

Writing stuff...

So, that fic I wrote the other day? The "And Other Duties As Assigned" story? I think I want to turn it into a series of short stories. I'm writing the second one now. I think it'll help me get my writing juices flowing again.

However... I'm open to brainstorming ideas. In fact, I'd really welcome brainstorming ideas right now.

Basically, I'm looking for situations for Jim that are technically "in the line of duty," but are so wacky, uncomfortable, twisted, trying, unnerving, difficult, awkward, or unexpected that it makes for a fun short story. If you've got an idea, post a comment! I might use it as presented, or modify it slightly, or take inspiration from it and run in a different direction. All suggestions welcome. The crazier the better. I'm generally aiming for non--ship stories, FYI, but bromance is completely acceptable.

(Note: In my universe, I really don't think Jim would have a problem wearing atypical or effeminate clothing for the amusement of some alien dignitary. I think it would take something far more edgy than that to make him uncomfortable. But heck... I could write it anyway for shits and giggles.)

Seriously, let's play "use the fanfic author." You want to see me write Jim into a seriously awkward situation? Here's your chance.

All suggestions are appreciated. :D
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2012-04-18 08:18 pm

Fic: "And Other Duties As Assigned"

Title: "And Other Duties As Assigned"
Rating: PG
Characters: Kirk, McCoy, OC
Words: 340
Summary: Kirk is on his way back from a solo mission via shuttlecraft to retrieve an Ambassador, and discovers the meaning of the "... and other duties as assigned" clause in his contract.
Notes: I'm not actually responsible for this. I wrote it on a dare. A very evil dare. But it might make you giggle, so I'm posting it.

“Dammit, Bones, I'm a Captain, not a doctor!”

The chuckle on the other end of the subspace channel was telling. And infuriating. “Well, Captain, today you can be both.

“This shouldn't be happening! But we think the gravity fluctuations we hit might have triggered it.” Jim shook his head to himself. Three hours out from rendezvous with the Enterprise. Transporting the Caitian Ambassador. Who was now in labor.

“I can't do this! If she was human, I might have a clue, but this is... I don't even...”

Oh, it's pretty simple, Jim. You let her hold your hand -

“She's got claws, Bones!”

- through the contractions, catch the kittens, and clean them up.

“How am I supposed to – wait, did you say kittens? As in... more than one?”

The Caitian Ambassador glared up at him. “I am carrying four kits, Kirk, which is normal for my race. And without my mate here, I shall need you to act in his place.”

Jim felt his eyes widen. “I... what do I need to do?”

“The kits must be cleansed the proper way to ensure health and vitality. The mate must assist.” She looked at him skeptically. “I do not think your species' tongue is properly developed for the task, but I have been told that humans are versatile.”

It took every scrap of Starfleet's considerable diplomatic training for Jim to keep his expression calm. “Just one second,” he said to the Ambassador before turning and hissing in an undertone into the comm panel. “I'm supposed to lick the kits clean?”

Come on now, you've never had a problem lick -

“And that will be quite enough, Doctor McCoy.”

You wouldn't have respected me if I hadn't said it.

That was true. But still. “You've got to help me with this, Bones.” It was a pitiful whine.

You're on yer own, Jim. Spock's got us at maximum warp, but unless something goes wrong, you'll be fine. Comm if there's a problem.

“Yeah. Kirk out,” Jim said, slapping the comm panel. “Dammit, Bones.”
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2012-02-27 07:10 pm
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Eclipse in Spanish

I'm tickled and thrilled! "Eclipse" is being posted in Spanish! If you're interested, it can be found here:

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2012-01-31 08:37 am
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Public Service Announcement: MEGAUPLOAD ALERT

Hey all, I figured I'd pass this on and boost the signal:

Megaupload files (even legitimate ones) might be deleted as soon as Thursday of this week. So, if you've got essential files on Megaupload... it's time to make backup plans.

Spread the word. I know a lot of fandomers have files on Megaupload.

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2012-01-25 04:55 pm
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AO3 Update

All of my Star Trek fic is on AO3, with the exception of later chapters of "Crossfire" and "Perspectives," and any collaborations. I'm posting the chapters of "Crossfire" and "Perspectives" one per day.

I also fixed some MAJOR coding gaffes in "And All the King's Men" that I wasn't even aware of, so that should look much nicer. But... I have a question for anyone who cares to answer. AAtKM can easily be broken into seven chapters. That's how it's posted on FF.net.  I have it posted on AO3 in one big piece. Should I break AAtKM into chapters? Which would people prefer? I'm good with it either way. But for now, at least it's prettier... and oh! It has ART in it!

I discovered the ability to embed whole images in fics on AO3. So, AAtKM, In Perfect Trust ,and Personal Physician all have gorgeous art by lizardspots embedded in them. :D

I've also begun posting Harry Potter fic, starting with "Eclipse." Again, one chapter per day. I kinda want to relive that a little bit. :)

Anyway, in case anyone wanted that info, there ya go. Happy ficcing!

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2012-01-23 10:41 am
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I've decided to get off my lazy ass and finally post all my fic to AO3.

Yes, I've had an account for ages. Yes, I know it's easy to post. For some reason, I had this weird hangup about posting there. Crazy, but true.

Anyway, things are being posted. I'm putting up ALL the one-shots today. I started posting Crossfire, and I'm going to post one chapter per day of that fic until it's all up there. I want all my other fic posted before I start posting the last part of my Academy series, which is picking up momentum now as we plow into the climax of the fic.

So if anyone wants to find me on AO3, here's my profile:


Have fun!
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2012-01-19 02:21 pm
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Megaupload in trouble.

Looks like Megaupload might be in a bit of hot water.  The website has been shut down, and the founders have been indicted. Story HERE.

Reposted from <lj user="pinkfinity">.