Feb. 27th, 2013

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Fundraiser totals update!

Currently, we've got $1075 on the GiveForward site, and $1321.55 on PayPal, for a whopping total of $2396.55.

Continuing to maintain transparency, here are the donations on PayPal:

A.J.D. - $100
K.L. - $50
N.W. - $10
Anon. - $100
E.M. - $50
A.Z. - $50
H.T. - $118
C.S. - $60
W.Y. - $500
S.S. - $100
C.S. - $50
C.S. - $40
N.O. - $22
C.R. - $28
C.P. - $50

I'm still waiting on the last Lasik place to see if I qualify for one of their studies. If I do, I can get a discount. That's the place where I want to get this done. I feel like they're the best and most trustworthy. I'll keep you guys posted on that. If I qualify, I'm going to try to have it done before the middle of March.

My ficathon is going well. I've posted two fics, and I'm working on a third. I'm also offering haircuts and massages to my local friends in exchange for donations.

In other news, last night, I finished my final clinical rotation last night. I drove through the snowstorm to get there, and had a good and interesting rotation, considering that it was fairly quiet in the ER that night. I really like helping people. However, seeing as I got home at 1:30 in the morning, I'm exhausted. I think I'm going to go suck down some coffee and try to feel human again.

Much love, everyone. ♥


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