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So, I'm working on a collaboration fic.  It didn't start out that way.  You see, gone_ashore had a Brilliant Idea (TM), and needed a beta with some general medical knowledge and an eye for tormenting Jim Kirk in every possible way.  As she began working, and I began beta'ing, it slowly morphed into a collaboration.  I started supplying more and more content, and finally we realized that we might as well turn it into a collab.  I've NEVER done a collaboration before, so this... is something new for me on many levels.

I went back and modified the first couple of sections (marking my territory?), we both went over the edits, and we're just about ready to post Part 3.  The thing is, we decided that we'd like to have the fic posted on BOTH of our journals.  So, before we post Part 3, I'm going to post the first two parts on my journal.  Part 1 is going up today, and Part 2 is going up tomorrow.  Then, we'll both post Part 3 simultaneously on our respective journals.  Read and comment wherever you prefer.

Now, here's the clincher.  This is an mpreg fic.  NO, this is not about magical ass babies.  No, we're not talking about men turning into women, physically OR emotionally.  In our classic tradition of absolutely tormenting Jim Kirk, the situation is one of alien biomedical experimentation and engineering, and this is NOT a happy, consenting, expectant good time.  It's a medical train wreck and a psychological disaster.  (Good times, eh?)  As always, it's a character exploration.  

If you generally avoid reading mpreg because it:
- glosses over medical impossibilities
- turns male characters into women
- ignores deep-seated gender psychology
- is a fluffy, crack-tastic "omg baby!" fanfiction trope
... then give our fic a try.  We're doing something different. 

Then, maybe, if I can survive writing this fic, I'll finally be able to make myself write the H/D mpreg fic that I promised someone so long ago.  *sigh*

Anyway, the first section will be posted on my journal soon.  I dare you to read it.  ;)
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