Dec. 7th, 2009

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The Kansas City Star Trek meetup group (aka the USS Macchiato) is planning its holiday party! If you have any interest in coming, please stop by the planning post here:

A Very Trekkie Holiday!
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I should have joined this site long ago. I should also be more involved in the kink community in my new city. (I know, I've lived here for almost three years now, wtf?) But I've started talking to a few kinky folks around here, AND I joined this awesome site... and they're having a holiday giveaway!

Enter HERE to win one of the awesome kinky things they have available!

Please, be over 18 to click on that link. Seriously, people.

I really, really, REALLY want that whip. After having done an impromptu whip demo at that Harry Potter convention with that gorgeous whip that didn't belong to me, I *needed* to get one. They're fucking expensive. I love doing singletail. I'm damned good at it, too. I just don't own one myself. That needs to change.

Oh damn, between this and the conversation I had last night after church AND the story I'm writing right now... I feel so NAUGHTY. I love it! :D


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